A software engineer with a focus on .NET technologies.

Welcome to my blog! My name is Tim, a father of a beautiful son and daughter and I’m a die hard Rammstein fan since the 90s.
I’ve been working with .NET technologies since 2016, but before that I used to work as a construction worker doing insulation, carpeting, bricklaying and roofing. Most of free time was spent sitting at my computer having gaming and techy stuff as a major hobby. ‘It’s never to late to chase your dreams’ as they say, so I learned to write some code and make a living out of it. I currently work as a backend .NET Software Engineer for Noest (Belgium/Cronos Group). My latest projects involve working in a GraphApi setup with a .NET Core backend and an Angular frontend.

This website

Is a simple WordPress website. I might find the time for create a scratch build custom website for myself, but for the time being, the simplicity of WordPress is great for this purpose.